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Willman Young offers a new and unique programme, in partnership with our sister company Cognomie, which allows organisations of all sizes to offer bespoke coaching to each and every one of their staff. 


Until now, coaching has been the reserve of the relative few, often due to logistical or budgetary challenges. But there's no question that individual coaching has a significant positive effect on employees. Our bespoke platform provides individuals in your organisation with the opportunity to tailor their own coaching programme, according to their individual needs and in line with your company vision and values, giving them ownership of their own development and giving you a workforce who are the best they can be. 

Our clever technology matches your delegate to one of our team of highly qualified coaches and seamlessly helps them to arrange and manage their online one-to-one coaching sessions. Our system saves our clients time and allows them to provide a high value development offering to every employee at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching. What's more, Cognomie provides a feedback and assessment mechanism which offers you the opportunity to genuinely measure the impact of the coaching.


Providing this benefit to your teams increases engagement, maximises recruitment and retention of the best employees and showcases you as an organisation which truly invests in the individuals who make the business work.


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about this or any of our services. Contact us on +44 7803037245 +44 7803037245, use our contact form or click on Cognomie to read about this new advance in personal development.



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