Our principles



First of all, no relationship works without honesty and openness. And that is a two-way deal. You should expect it from us and we also expect it from you. It's how trust builds. And once you have that, you have the foundation for a highly successful programme.


Secondly, it’s important to understand why we believe so strongly that we offer something truly unique. Consider this: we aim to make you a better leader of a stronger business by helping you to produce innovative ideas to take your business forward and by providing high-class personal development for everyone on your organisation. It stands to reason, therefore, that we must continually innovate ourselves in order to help you do the same. It means that everything we do is with an eye to the future, both yours and ours. If we do not innovate, we will fail.


Finally there’s our process for ensuring our programme continues to pioneer new and effective ideas. We don’t have a name for it. We see it as ‘new thinking’. We develop our ideas using a technique which has proven over many years to be a quite brilliant process for creative thinking in business. It’s the proof that our ideas are soundly thought through and provide genuine benefit.


It’s a technique we teach you on the programme and we guarantee it will result in some new thinking and new ideas for you and your business.


If that kind of thinking appeals to you then that’s a good reason to start a discussion with Willman Young.


And if that kind of thinking doesn’t appeal to you, then that may be an even better reason.




And finally, a few words about the use of jargon...


We don't like it.








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