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We work hard at what we do because it is important work.


Innovative thinking from business leaders is what makes our society progress and so it's imperative that we make sure those leaders are equipped with the tools they need to be able to create new opportunities. 

That's why almost everything we do starts with our Unique Innovation Workshop. 

We've developed a process to truly help you find innovative ideas for your business. It's popular because this is where brand new ideas are generated. Every single time. Guaranteed. 

We work in different sectors in different countries around the world. In fact, we're the company that a number of the world's best known consultancy firms go to for advice on how to develop techniques for innovative thinking. 

Briefly, we will work with you and your team, whatever industry you're in, to help you: 


  • absolutely understand what innovation is and why it's critical to society (it's not just about developing tech!)
  • ​realise that we are all creative and that each and every one of us is capable of developing new ideas once we know how
  • develop ideas that truly make a difference to your business, customers and society as a whole (in fact, we GUARANTEE you will leave our workshops with new ideas)
  • monitor, evaluate and develop those innovations


Our workshops last 1-3 days, depending on available time and budget. More often than not, our clients will ask to help them develop ideas further once the workshop is over. You can read our case studies to get a flavour of some ideas we've developed.


No two workshops are the same because we are constantly innovating ourselves. The content changes on an almost daily basis as we evaluate and develop our own offering. After all, how can we teach you about innovation if we are not constantly progressing ourselves?

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you to truly innovate, please get in touch with our Senior Partner, John Young at 





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